Charlie Bewley Takes First Place in Vancouver Underwear Affair

July 8th, 2012 by Mike
Charlie Bewley crossing the finish line at the annual Underwear Affair run

Charlie Bewley was first acoss the finish line in the B.C. Cancer Foundation’s annual Underwear Affair run Saturday.
Photograph by: Gerry Kahrmann , PNG

Where’s Edward Cullen has always been dedicated to trying to bring you Twilight news from off the beaten path, or of the bizarre and next to Taylor Lautner’s RV lawsuit and the Edward Cullen cat, this could be the most bizarre by far.  Twilight actor Charlie Bewley, who plays Demetri in the Twilight films, took a run in his undies for the seventh annual Underwear Affair in Vancouver and came in first place crossing the finish line in just over 37 minutes.

The annual event, which benefits the B.C. Cancer Foundation took place on Saturday and the actors involvement was totally by happenstance.  “I literally turned up about half an hour before the race and asked if I could join,” Bewley told The Province.  Bewley was reportedly on vacation when he found out about the event.

This is the second time Bewley has run to benefit the Foundation.  Bewley organized the Run For Your Life campaign in 2011 and raised $20,000 for one of his friends suffering from lung cancer who was being treated in B.C.

“You could just really feel … her fears and helplessness,” he told The Province. “And at that point I realized I had to try and do something to help her.”

She died a week before the run. Bewley still completed the run and donated the proceeds to the B.C. Cancer Foundation.

By running in Saturday’s Underwear Affair, Bewley hoped to continue spreading his Run For Your Life message.

The 2012 Underwear Affair raised $633,000 with 1,035 participants.

Bewley plans to raise money for his donation by selling his winning underwear. He also hopes to organize another Run For Your Life event in Vancouver next year.

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