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November 21st, 2011 by Mike

A few years ago I did a post on my personal blog called The Twilight Soundtrack Revisted: What Plays When the following year, after the creation of Where Is Edward Cullen I did the New Moon Soundtrack What Plays When.  Unfortunately I never got around to doing an Eclipse Soundtrack post, but this year I have received a number of requests via email to do a similar post for Breaking Dawn Part 1, so with the help of the Where Is Edward Cullen community, I decided to oblige.  I even throw in a bit of trivia for a few of the tracks as a bonus.

Much like the original post, I am going to go through the soundtrack in order and if I can I’ll address the bonus tracks at the end.  Note, that if you haven’t seen the film there may be some spoilers since I’ll describe specifically when the songs play.

The Joy Formidable – Endtapes: The first song on the soundtrack and the first track to play during the film’s end credits.

Angus & Julia Stone – Love Will Take You: During the wedding reception this song begins playing in the background as Seth, Billy, Charlie, and Sue leave to get champagne and the cousins of the Cullen’s come to greet Edward and Bella.

Bruno Mars – It Will Rain: Bruno Mars’ “It Will Rain” was the first single to be released off the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Soundtrack and is the third song to play during the end credits.

Charlie and Bella prepare to walk down the aisle in Breaking Dawn

Sleeping At Least – Turning Page: The Soundtrack version of Turning Page plays during the first love making session and continues on to the next morning while Bella remembers the night before. (Thanks for the correction on this Cassie!)

Edward and Bella Playing ChessThe Features – From Now On: This song starts playing during the montage of scenes with Edward and Bella during the honeymoon playing chess, in the bedroom, jumping off the waterfall, etc.

Christina Perri – A Thousand Years: The second single off of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Soundtrack and the last song to appear in the movie.  ”A Thousand Years” is the last song to play during the credits.

Theophilus London – Neighbors: Ironically enough, the song Neighbors starts playing when the Cullen’s Quileute neighbors arrive at the wedding to hold Jacob back.

The Belle Brigade – I Didn’t Mean It: The Belle Brigade’s “I Didn’t Mean It” is the second song to play during the film’s end credits.

Noisettes – Sister Rosetta (2011 Version): The 2011 mix of Sister Rosetta by the Noisettes is the soundtrack to Bella’s “few more human minutes” as she brushes her teeth, brushes her hair, rinses off, and shaves her legs. It ends just before Bella says, “Don’t be a coward.”

Cider Sky – Northern Lights: Cider Sky’s Northern Lights plays in the background when Jacob arrives to the wedding and it’s the song that Bella and Jacob dance to.  Interestingly enough the song is titled “Northern Lights” and Jacob says during this scene that he spent his time away mostly in Northern Canada.

Edward and Bella during their weddingIron & Wine - Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version): If you want to get technical, this song actually never plays during the film.  If you listen to the version on the soundtrack and the version that plays during the film you will notice that the version playing in the film is the exact same version that played in the Twilight Soundtrack.  If you don’t believe me, listen to it closely during the film. The tempo is different and the version that plays in the film features the tambourine hit that you hear in the original version that does not appear in the “Wedding Version”.  This song was actually re-recorded for the soundtrack, but not used in the film.

Imperial Mammoth – Requiem On Water: This song begins playing after Edward finishes packing upon discovering that Bella is pregnant and plays until the housekeeper comes in the room.

Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz – Cold: Cold begins playing after Edward and Bella get in an argument over her keeping the baby and he leaves the room.  It plays through as Rosalie runs a bath for Bella and ends when Edward asks Bella if she is cold, and Jacob quickly moves closer to keep her warm.  Again, an interesting tie on the name of the song and what is said during the scene.

Mia Maestro – Llovera: Lovera begins playing during the honeymoon as Bella walks down to the water to join Edward.  Mia Maestro is also the actress who plays Carmen Denali in both The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and Part 2.

Carter Burwell – Love Death Birth: A variation of Love Death Birth plays after Jacob leaves the house believing Bella to be dead and plays through the scenes featuring Sam delivering the news to Billy and through Bella’s transformation.

Breaking Dawn Soundtrack Bonus Tracks

Hard-FI – Like A Drug: Like A Drug plays during the reception when everyone is dancing after the family toasts to Edward and Bella.

Kevin Teasley – Eclipse (All Yours): Kevin Teasley’s Eclipse (All Yours) is the second song played by the band during the wedding reception and can be heard faintly during the scene where Bella and Edward are greeting Seth, Billy, Charlie and Sue

Sleeping At Last – Turning Page (Instrumental): The instrumental version of Turning Page plays as Charlie and Bella walk down the aisle together and it fades out as the ceremony begins.

I hope this helped some of you readers to identify what plays when from the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack.  If anything is unclear please let me know and I’ll do my best to clarify.  I also want to again thank members of the Where Is Edward Cullen Facebook Group for helping me out with this.  Especially Christina and Samantha for pulling through with some extremely useful resources.

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